1936 – 1936 Edward VIII – Loxwood in the Windsor period


The only British sovereign to abdicate voluntarily, Edward stepped down in 1936 to marry the American divorcee Wallis Simpson. He was king for less than a year.

In January 1936, George V died and Edward became king. In October, Wallis Simpson was granted a divorce from her husband, and it became clear that the new king wished to marry her, against the advice of many of his advisors who did not believe that Edward, as head of the Church of England, should marry a divorced woman. All attempts to find a solution failed and so, on 10 December, Edward signed an instrument of abdication. The following day, after broadcasting to the nation and the empire to explain his actions, he left for Europe. Edward’s brother became George VI.




The old Ifold Manor House was demolished to make way for new housing, which now form Ifold Village.


The IV Winter olympics were held in Germany


The Hoover Dam was completed

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