1702 – 1714 Anne – Loxwood during the Restoration


Anne was the last of the Stuart monarchs, and the first sovereign of Great Britain.

In 1685, Anne’s father James became king. He was overthrown in 1688 and Anne’s sister Mary, and her Dutch husband William, took the throne.

Anne became their heir and with the death of Mary (1694) and then William, with no children, in 1702 Anne was queen. Within months, the War of the Spanish Succession began. A series of military victories by John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough, including the Battle of Blenheim strengthened England’s negotiating position at the end of the war. Under the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht, France recognised Anne’s title over that of James II’s Roman Catholic son, James Stuart and confirmed England’s possession of Gibraltar.




Anne became Queen on the death of William III


England and Scotland became one Country forming the Kingdon of Great Britain.


Sir Christopher Wren completed St Pauls Cathedral.


The first race meeting was held at Ascot.


Anne died on 1 August her son William had died in 1700, prompting parliament to pass the Act of Settlement to ensure a Protestant succession. Anne was therefore succeeded by the German Protestant prince George, Elector of Hanover.

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