1483 – 1483 Edward V and medieval Loxwood


King of England in 1483. He was the 12 year old Son of Edward IV but he was deposed three months after his accession in favour of his uncle (Richard III). He was imprisoned in the Tower of London with his younger brother Richard of Shrewsbury, Duke of York but they were never seen again, believed to have been killed on Richard’s orders.

The eldest surviving son of Edward IV, he was born when his father was in brief exile in Holland after being deposed by the Earl of Warwick. After Edward IV had reclaimed his crown, young Edward was made prince of Wales in June 1471. He was sent with his mother to Ludlow in 1473 to be titular ruler of Wales and the Welsh Marches, staying there for much of the rest of his father’s reign.




In 1483 Loxwood there were settlers on the higher ground near Loxwood Place and the Chapel of Ease. A cart track known as Nep Lane connected Brewhurst with the Rudgwick Road via a Ford river crossing which was close to the current river bridge. A Mill was operating at Brewhurst, and there was a Millers house opposite. It is thought that an oak framed cottage known as “Penlands” was built in the location of what is now Linden House, overlooking the farms below the Merry Hills ridge. The name Penlands was derived from the description of animals kept in pens or kept within fenced areas.
In the summer, the Princes in the Tower disappeared, Edward V and Richard Duke of York.
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