The Restoration

1660 – 1714

The Restoration was the re-establishment of Charles II following more than a decade of different types of constitutional regime. In 1649, Parliament had abolished the monarchy and formed a republic under the leadership of Oliver Cromwell. On 25 May 1660 Charles II landed at Dover in Kent, he entered London unopposed four days later. Charles went about resurrecting much of what had been suppressed under the Republic. Theatres reopened, the Church of England was restored and all manner of entertainments flourished. Samuel Pepys diary lays bare the scandalous times of Restoration London and many people at the time believed that Great Plague, Great Fire of London and a Dutch attack on the Royal Navy was God’s punishment on the immoral King and his court.

Follow the timeline to see how the Loxwood evolved through the Restoration Period. 

Charles II

1660 – 1685

James II

1685 – 1688

William III

1689 – 1702

Mary II

1689 – 1694


1702 – 1714

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