House of Lancaster

1399 – 1461

In 1399 Henry IV became King of England, the first from the House of Lancaster.
The House of Lancaster continued to rule uninterrupted until 1461, when the House of York prevailed. The most famous King from the royal houses of Lancaster and York was Henry V, who was immortalised by William Shakespeare, and was the first to promote the use of the english language. During this period a place of worship was constructed in Loxwood, a water mill was in operation and more people started to settle in the area.

Follow the timeline to see how Loxwood evolved through the Monarchs of the House of Lancaster, from the place of worship, Brewhurst Mill, Loxwood Place, farms and the early dwellings.

Henry IV

1399 – 1413

Henry V

1413 – 1422

Henry VI

1422 – 1461

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