House of Hanover

1714 – 1901

George I was the 52nd in line to the British throne when he became the first Hanoverian King in 1714. The 1701 Act of Settlement had ensured that the throne would not pass into the hands of a Roman Catholic, and the first in line was Sophia, but she had died and so the throne passed to her son George. This marked the beginning of 200 years of Hanoverian rule ending with the best known monarch, Queen Victoria. During this period modern Loxwood started to be formed, with the canal, roads, cars, and railways bringing new people to the village, which drove social change, which was fuelled by the Industrial Revolution.

Follow the timeline to see how the Loxwood evolved through the House of Hanover and chart the changes that now form the modern village.

George I

1714 – 1727

George II

1727 – 1760

George III

1760 – 1820

George IV

1820 – 1830

William IV

1830 – 1837


1837 – 1901

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