The Evolution of Loxwood

Loxwood – how the area evolved from 1086 The Domesday Book!

In 1086 during the reign of William I “The Conqueror” the Domesday Book became the first complete record of the land and assets of England and Wales. Loxwood wasn’t mentioned in the Domesday Book, however the Manor of Drungewick was part of the Norman ‘Abbey of Séez’ in Arundel, which was held by Roger de Montgomery, the Earl of Sussex in 1087. The first record of “Lokeswode” came around 160 years later in 1248 and Loxwood was then a corner of Wisborough Green Parish.

Follow the timeline to see how the village evolved through the reign of each monarch, key moments in history and changes brought about by the people who helped shape modern Loxwood.

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