1885 – The passing of John William Sirgood

Newspaper clipping - The death of John Sirgood 1885
26th October 1885


Inquest. – On Saturday, an inquest was held by Mr A. W. Rawlinson, coroner for the Western Division, touching the death of John William Sirgood, aged 68. – Catherine Enticknap, the first witness, said she was an Assistant to ~Miss Powell, the Manageress of the Combination Stores, at Loxwood. She identified the body of the deceased as that of John William Sirgood, of Lords Hill, Shamley Green, Surrey, a bootmaker, 68 years of age. She had known him for about 25 years. He came to stay at the Stores on Saturday last, and did not complain of anything. About twelve that night he came to her room and said he felt very poorly. She asked him if she could do anything. He said “no” and she then went to bed again. About half-past one he came again and asked her if she would get the others up as he felt so ill. She called up a young man named Puttock a friend of the deceased, and offered to send for a doctor, but he did not wish it as he said he should be better presently as he had been like it before and had suffered similarly for the years. He got better on the Sunday following but was afterwards worse and continued to alternate during the week. She asked him several times to let her send for a doctor, but he would not allow her, as he said he should be better. On Monday she noticed a change in him about five p.m., and sent for a doctor who got there in about two hours and deceased died about twenty pas ten the same night.”

Note: John Sirgood was the founder of the Dependent Brethren Christian movement in Loxwood, from c1854.

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