1869 – Heavy showers at Loxwood end cricket match

Newspaper clipping - Rain stops cricket match at Loxwood
25th May 1869

“LOXWOOD  – CRICKET – The Loxwood Cricket Club commenced their season on Monday last, the 17th Inst., with a match on their own ground against the Rudgwick Club. Owing to the very heavy showers of rain that fell during the day the match was not played out, and was therefore decided by the first innings, which resulted in favour of the Loxwood Club. Score :-

LOXWOOD. – T.E. Sanders b H. Walder.32. D. Puttock c Haines b E Butcher, 14. J Sharpe b E. Butcher, 1. E. Cooper b H. Walder, 5. G Standen b H Walder, 2. Wm Napper, Esq., c Gasson b Walder, 4. G Parsons c E. Butcher b Walder, J Pullen c Haines b H Walder, 1. S Botting c and b E. Butcher, 6. J. Remnant b E Butcher, 0. J Botting not out, 1. Byes, &c, 12 Total , 78.

RUDGWICK . – H Walder b Standen, 3. D Reeves st T.E. Sanders b Parsons, 8. T Butcher b Standen, 13. W Gasson b Parsons, 9. E. King not out, 10. J Braby, Esq,. c J Sharp, 0. E Songhurst run out, 3. G Gravet b Remnant, 7. J. Haines st Sanders b Remnant, 0. E. Songhurst jun., b Standen, 3. Wm Woodhatch b Remnant, 1. Bye, &c., 2 – Total 56.

Second Innings. – E King b Remnant, 6. W Gasson c J. Botting b T Sanders, 2. D Reeves b Remnant, 2. E Butcher B T Sanders, 6. J Braby Esq,. c J Sharp b Remnant, 2. E Butcher b T Sanders, 1. E Songhurst c Parsons b T Sanders, 4. Woodhatch not out, 2. E Songhurst lbw, b T Sanders, 0. Gravet b Remnant, 1. Haines c T Sanders b Remnant, 0.- Total 24.”

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