1850 – Burglary at Loxwood

Sussex Express
May 20th 1850

“Burglary at Loxwood – On Monday morning about one o’clock, the house of Mr W. Penfold at Headsfold-wood Common, was entered by three men, who had masks, and were armed with great sticks Mr G. Seward (who also lived in the house) was awakened from sleep, and saw the thieves standing by his bedside. He asked them what they wanted, and the reply was, “We want money and money we’ll have; it is such as you that hoard up your money, while we are starving.” Then they departed carrying off a satinwood workbox in which was a £5 bank of England note, six sovereigns, and two 5s. pieces, a gold seal, with “G.S.,” in old English, on it, and a silver hunting watch. The thieves robbed Mr Penfold of about £10 in cash, and his pass-book with Guildford Savings Bank. There is little doubt that these fellows were well acquainted with the premises, and where money was to be had. A reward has been offered by Mr G. Seward for the apprehension of the burglars –”

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