The stories of Loxwood

This section highlights some interesting and funny articles about Loxwood, that appeared in Newspapers from the 18th century.

Newspapers were originally text only broadsheets, which would be daunting to read in the fast-paced modern era. However journalists captured events with great skill, to provide readers with engaging, descriptive summaries of the day’s news.

Pictures appeared in newspapers from c1870 and then postcards became a form of ‘email’ with a few lines jotted down and posted to arrive the next day. In 1904 Aylward & Smith of the Combination Stores issued a series of postcards which captured many of the village scenes for the first time.

This section of stories and articles is dedicated to the research and writings of John Charles Buckwell 1859 – 1927.

John Buckwell was a well-known solicitor & Brighton town councillor and in 1902 he became Major of that town.  He was also an historian and the author of “The Stories of Loxwood,” which was published by The Sussex Archaeological Society in 1913. John Buckwell used original documents to research Loxwood’s history, and he recorded vital information from villagers that had been handed down through the generations.

Without “The Stories of Loxwood”, parts of the village history would have been lost, and this acknowledges the significant contribution made to Loxwood’s history by John Charles Buckwell.

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