The Wey & Arun Junction Canal


  • The picture of the Wey & Arun Junction Canal shows one of the beautifully restored canal boats operated by the Wey & Arun Canal Trust.
  • The Wey and Arun Junction Canal linked the River Wey and the River Arun to complete a network of waterways from the Thames in London to the south coast at Littlehampton.
  • The 23-mile canal was dug by hand and built in just three years, opening in 1816.
  • The Imposing Ifold Manor House was home to the Chairman of the canal company.
  • The Ifold Estate covered 900 acres including a 3-mile frontage on to the canal.
  • At its peak in 1839 the commercial freight carried by the canal was 23,000 tons.
  • In 1845 a new railway company tried to acquire part of the canal, but their offer was rejected.
  • The commercial goods moved to the railways in 1865 and the Canal Company closed in 1871.
  • The Ifold Manor house was demolished in the 1930’s to make way for new housing which shaped the modern Ifold Village.


The Wey & Arun Junction Canal:  George III 1760 – 1820 (The Hanoverians).

The Wey and Arun Canal
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