The Onslow Arms


  • The main picture was taken in the c1920s and shows the Onslow Arms across the River with Toll Gate Cottage on the left and the road leading to the High Street in the background.
  • The building was originally a farmhouse constructed around c1575 and was probably part of the Brewhurst Estate.
  • The first Loxwood river bridge was built in front of the farmhouse in c1600.
  • The bridge eventually became part of a drove road which gave direct access to the village centre.
  • The farmhouse was named Bridge House during the 1700s.
  • A turnpike road from Alfold came through the village in 1757.
  • Around that time Bridge House was converted to an Inn called the “The Bridge Alehouse”.
  • The river bridge was rebuilt and widened in 1791 to cater for the increased traffic.
  • The Bridge Alehouse was renamed “The Onslow Arms Inn” by 1801.
  • The Wey and Arun Junction Canal opened alongside at The Onslow Arms Inn in 1816.
  • The area became a major commercial junction, with the turnpike road, toll house, Brewhurst Mill, local farms and the canal all connected at this point.


Elizabeth I 1558 – 1603 (The Tudors).

The Onslow Arms 1920s


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