The Canal Bridge – Tollgate Cottage and River Bridge


  • The picture dates from c1890 and shows the narrow ‘humped back’ river bridge, Tollgate Cottage and the Victorian Schoolhouse in the background. The lady and her daughter also feature in the picture of Pancake Lane (Route A 4)
  • Before the end of the 16th century a ford was the only means of crossing the river at this point.
  • In c1600 the first river bridge was built.
  • The Turnpike Road from Guildford and Alfold came through the village in 1757.
  • A toll house was built by the river bridge and named “Toll Gate Cottage”.
  • This junction was known as “Loxwood Gate” and there was also a toll house at Alfold Crossroads named “Alfold Gate”.
  • In 1791 the old river bridge was dismantled, and a new bridge was built with bricks.
  • The Wey and Arun Junction Canal opened in 1816 and hump-backed canal bridge was constructed.
  • The canal bridge was removed in c1902.
  • In 1963 the river bridge was widened to cater for the increase in motor vehicles.
  • In 2009 a new canal road bridge was constructed, and the canal lowered.


Loxwood Bridge:  Elizabeth I 1558 – 1603 (The Tudors).
Toll House:  George II 1727 – 1760 (The Hanoverians).

Very early postcard of the toll house and bridge
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