September Cottage, Appletree Cottage, Rose Cottage, Farm Cottage, The Old Cottage, South View


  • This is a picture of “Pancake Lane” taken in c1890 before it was renamed Station Road. The picture shows the junction with Spy Lane which runs left, Pancake Cottage is on the hill in the centre and the lady and child are standing on the bridge over the stream, which flows into the River Lox near Brewhurst. The lady and child also feature in the main picture of the Toll House & Bridge c1890 (Route B 8)
  • September Cottage and Appletree Cottage were built in the Victorian era between 1851 & 1861 along with Rose Cottage.
  • The ‘Old Cottage’ dates from the 16th century.
  • Farm Cottage was built between 1875 – 1895 and was originally known as “Orchard House Farm” this was the site of the former dairy farm owned by Herbert Field.
  • South View was built at a similar time to Farm Cottage.
  • Bricks for the Victorian cottages may have been made at local brickworks at Pephurst.
  • A number of Brickmakers and builders lived along this road.


The Old Cottage:  George III 1760 – 1820 (The Hanoverians).
Cottages 3 & 4 (September Cottage), Cottages 5 & 6 (Appletree Cottage), Farm Cottage:  Queen Victoria 1837 – 1901 (The Hanoverians).

Pancake Lane c1890 before it was renamed Station Road
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