• The picture was taken in the mid 1950’s and shows the first phase of the Nicholsfield development. The large tree in the foreground was the location of the village bonfire night was celebrations each year.
  • The land used for Nicholsfield was endowed to Loxwood Chapel in the 15th century, probably by Nicholas Nychol, a prominent landowner in the parish.
  • Construction began on the Nicholsfield housing development in 1953, the year of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • The first phase was for 20 properties which were built towards the back of the scheme.
  • Other housing developments were at Plaistow, North Chapel and Wisborough Green.
  • The Parish Council named the development ‘Nicholsfield’.
  • A School was constructed at Nicholsfield in 1964 to replace the Victorian Schoolhouse.
  • Henry Pepper was the first headmaster of the new Nicholsfield School.


Elizabeth II 1952 – (House of Windsor).

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