Loxwood Place & The Granary


  • The painting of Loxwood Place in June 1791 was by Samuel Hieronymus Grimm, is the earliest view of the village, providing a first glimpse of 18th century Loxwood.
  • From the same spot, Samuel Grimm turned around and painted the Chapel of Ease which was opposite Loxwood Place.
  • Loxwood Place was a moated Manor House probably constructed in the 13th or 14th century when the first settlers came to the area.
  • From 1879 the spectacular Garton Festival was held annually in July at Loxwood Place and continued for 14 years.
  • The Granary was constructed in the 17th century using materials from an earlier building possibly dating to the 14th century.
  • In the early 20th century the owner of Loxwood Place uncovered evidence of a moat on the South side of Loxwood Place which he traced to the East side of Willetts, supporting the theory that the moat may have linked back through the pond which is across the road.
  • In 1920 Loxwood Place was farmed by The Dependant Brethren.
  • Tragically a fire in 1948 swept through Loxwood Place and destroyed the building in under two hours and the building could not be rebuilt.


Loxwood Place: Henry VI 1422 – 1461 (House of Lancaster).
The Granary: Charles I 1625 – 1649 (The Stuarts).

Loxwood Place Farm painting by Samuel Grimm 1791
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