Little Pound Farm and Pound Cottage


  • The picture shows Pound Cottage looking back along Spy Lane towards the Chapel with Little Pound Farm on the right.
  • Both properties are Grade II Listed.
  • Timber Framed Wattle & Daub.
  • Constructed in the early part of the 16th century.
  • Pound Cottage and Little Pound Farm may have been connected to a cottage of the same period that was close to where Linden House is today.
  • The land around this area was described as “Penlands”, indicating a hill of animals in fenced land or held in pens or “Pounds”.
  • Early maps indicate that Pound Farm extended across the Guildford Road and may have connected to Pawlies Farm, the turnpike road divided Pound Farm in 1775.
  • The small stream that runs through this area was known as Paulies Brook according to the 1842 Inclosure Map.
  • 1851 census indicates there was another building was between Pound Cottage and Little Pound Farm, and that building was divided into two cottages.
  • The cottages were occupied by Dependant Brethren by 1861.


Elizabeth I 1558 – 1603 (The Tudors).

Pound Cottage
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