Little Hogswood, New Cottages, Spy Lane Chapel, The Old Cottage


  • This is the earliest picture of Spy Lane taken around c1890. Little Hogswood is on the left, New Cottages are in the middle and Spy Lane Chapel is on the right. Spy Lane is still a narrow unsurfaced track. The buildings on the right, near to the Chapel were probably workshops used by the Dependant Brethren.
  • Little Hogswood was originally a rectangular farmhouse probably constructed around the time of Spy Farmhouse and Pound Cottage in c1558. The house was extended between c1897 – c1909.
  • John Sirgood arrived in Loxwood with his wife Harriet in 1850 and they lived in Old Cottage.
  • John Sirgood held regular meetings in Old Cottage before the Spy Lane Chapel was constructed.
  • Spy Lane and the surrounding farms were the focus of the Dependant Brethren movement.
  • The Dependant Brethren built the Spy Lane chapel in c1861.
  • Services in the chapel were held by “Brother John” – John Sirgood.
  • ‘New Cottages’ were constructed by the Dependant Brethren (Cokelers) in c1897.


The Chapel & New Cottages: Queen Victoria 1837 – 1901 (The Hanoverians).
Little Hogswood: Elizabeth I 1558 – 1603 (The Tudors).
The Old Cottage: George III 1760 – 1820 (The Hanoverians).

c1890 the earliest picture of Spy Lane, Little Hogswood, New Cottages and Spy Lane Chapel
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