Kilner Coaches


  • The picture from 1945 shows FPX 747, F H Kilners Bedford bus on Route 35 between Horsham and Loxwood.
  • The company started as the Sunbeam Bus Service in the mid 1930s.
  • Fred Kilner came to Loxwood from Clemsfold, near Broadbridge Heath, Horsham and he kept his first coach at William Cole’s coal yard, which was on the land between the Telephone Exchange and Linden House.
  • The coaches included Bedfords, Chevrolet, GMC and Opel, there were over 30 buses running from this depot.
  • Most of the villagers relied on the bus service as car ownership was limited.
  • The 1930’s and 1940’s were successful decades, but the 1950’s brought the decline in bus travel with escalating fuel costs and depressed fares.
  • Hants & Sussex bus company acquired Kilner Coaches in 1945 and continued to operate for another nine years.
  • The Aldershot & District two-tone green buses replaced the Number 35 Service in the mid 1950’s with their Service 49.


George V 1910 – 1936 (House of Windsor).

Kilner Coaches 1939
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