Garton House


  • The picture was taken of the front of Garton House in the 1940s looking from the road.
  • Timber framed house dating back to the 17th century, may have originally been two cottages.
  • The house is named after The Garton family who lived in Loxwood for over 200 years.
  • Josiah Garton was a Master Butcher originally from Wisborough Green.
  • His son John was born at Garton House.
  • The family moved to Tooley Street, London when London Bridge Station opened.
  • John Garton became the Worshipful Master, of the Butchers Company in Victorian London.
  • John Garton hosted a great festival at Loxwood Place Farm in 1879 his 50th year because “he never forgot where he was born”.
  • In 1889 his children presented a Font to the Church in the memory of John Arthur Garton, “never to be forgotten” and the Font was moved to the new Church in 1901, where it can still be seen.
  • “Loxwood Road” in Tottenham is named after the home where John Garton lived in London which he named “Loxwood House”


Charles I 1625 – 1649 (The Stuarts).

Garton House, Loxwood
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