Combination Stores & Steam Bakery


  • The picture shows the Combination Stores in 1915 with the Steam Bakery. There is a large garage between the stores and Jubilee Villas which was built around c1900.
  • John Sirgood arrived in Loxwood with his wife Harriett in 1850 and started a religious movement that would significantly change the village and help many of the poorest in society.
  • The Combination Stores opened in 1885, John Sirgood died later that year.
  • The original footprint of the shops is shown in one of the gallery images below.
  • The Stores were extended between c1897 – c1909 with a new frontage, additional shops and a steam bakery.
  • To mark the significance of Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee the stores had diamond patterns built into the external elevations.
  • The range of goods provided villagers with everything they needed.
  • From humble beginnings the Dependant Brethren would eventually own many farms, property and businesses in the village and elsewhere, occasionally they sold the farms as a thriving business and then acquired them later on when trade had declined.
  • The Combination Stores was sold in the mid 1970s and was the last store from the Dependant Brethren movement to close.


Queen Victoria 1837 – 1901 (The Hanoverians).

Combination Stores and Bakery 1915
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