Church Cottage


  • Church Cottage is the oldest property in the village, Grade II Listed, oak framed, wattle and daub.
  • Tree Ring Dating has established the cottage was built in the Winter of 1404. It is estimated that 100 oak trees were used in the construction with the oldest dating back over 920 years to 1094, the time of the Domesday Book!
  • Constructed as an Oratory and accommodation for the Curate, with three bay’s the central and eastern bays formed the Oratory, the western bay was the Curates accommodation.
  • A new Chapel of Ease was built 16ft from the western end of the cottage in c1447 and the cottage was converted to be the Curates House.
  • In 1480 a chancel building was built between the Chapel of Ease and the Curates House, and they were connected via a short bridge on the upper floors.
  • In c1568 a ceiling was added to the central bay of the Curates House making an upper floor across the three bays and the chimney was added at the eastern end.
  • The picture of Church Cottage and the village pond was taken in 1925 by Norman Hamilton, his father James is feeding the ducks. Their Singer Tourer car was a feature of their pictures – Reg Number GB 7234.


Henry IV 1399 – 1413 (House of Lancaster)

Church Cottage 1944

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