Brewhurst Mill


  • The main picture of Brewhurst Mill was taken in early 1904. The outline of Mill Cottage is behind the trees on the right and the outline of Brewhurst House is in the background on the left.
  • There may have been a mill in this location from the early settlements of the 13th century, however the first record of a mill comes from the Will of William Phillippe, who was a miller in Loxwood in c1520.
  • In 1899 a terrible fire destroyed the upper floors of Brewhurst Mill causing an estimated £2,000 of damage. There are pictures of the original mill in the gallery images below.
  • The top floors were rebuilt retaining the original brickwork and the mill was operating again within 4 ½ years.
  • Maurice Botting was the Miller at that time, in partnership with his brothers, the Bottings were associated with the Brewhurst Estate for over 100 years.
  • In 2019 Brewhurst Mill became a Sussex Heritage Trust Award Winner for the highly skilled, sympathetic restoration that was carried out to save the building and the mill equipment.


Edward IV 1461 – 1483 (House of York).

First image after fire Brewhurst Mill posted Aug 1904
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