Box Cottage, Ryley Cottage, Finches​


  • The picture was taken in 1950 and shows Box Cottage, Ryley Cottage and Finches, which is the detached property on the left at the end of the row.
  • Box Cottage and Ryley Cottage are Grade II Listed, timber framed. Extended over time, with the oldest section dating back to the mid 1500’s
  • The centre chimney marks the bay of the original cottage. The cottage was then extended to the right in the 1600’s to form two cottages and in the 1800’s further extensions to the right and left created three cottages.
  • The original cottage may have determined the route of the road because the drove road which was brought up to the Chapel of Ease in the late 1500’s probably divided the cottage from its farmland.
  • The three cottages were owned by John Elliott of Hilltop Stores from 1891.
  • Finches is Grade II Listed constructed around c1822.
  • In Victorian times, these cottages were used by a variety of businesses, including  Bootmakers, Bakers, Game Keepers, Dressmakers, Laundress, Carpenters and even the Police!


Box Cottage & Ryley Cottage:  Henry VIII 1509 – 1547 (The Tudors).
Finches:  George IV 1820 – 1830 (The Hanoverians).

Box Cottage, Ryley Cottage and Finches
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