Box Cottage, Ryley Cottage, Finches​


  • The picture was taken in 1950 and shows Box Cottage, Ryley Cottage and Finches which is the detached cottage at the end.
  • Box Cottage and Ryley Cottage are Grade II Listed timber framed properties.
  • Originally built as three cottages they date to the mid-1500’s when the village was starting to develop down the hill to the river.
  • The location of these cottages may have determined the route of the road because they were probably originally connected to a farm prior to the drove road being routed up to the village centre in the late-1500’s.
  • These properties were owned by John Elliott of Hilltop Stores in 1891.
  • Finches was constructed around the same time as the Georgian Chapel of Ease and the bricks may have come from the local Pephurst brickworks.
  • Finches was a Bootmakers Business in 1881 and Harness Makers Shop in 1891.


Box Cottage & Ryley Cottage:  Henry VIII 1509 – 1547 (The Tudors).
Finches:  George IV 1820 – 1830 (The Hanoverians).

Box Cottage, Ryley Cottage and Finches
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