Arun Cottages, Penfold House, Canal Villa, Wharf Building


  • The picture from 1909 shows the Wharf Building on the left, Canal Villa on the right with Penfold behind. The fence line of Garton House is in the background with the door of the listed barn facing the road.
  • Penfold House was named after a former owner, Elija Penfold.
  • Penfold House was constructed in c1830 or earlier.
  • Arun Cottages and Canal Villa were constructed in 1904.
  • The Wharf Building was constructed in 1903, to replace a former wooden barn.
  • Material from the demolition of the Georgian Chapel was used to build the Wharf Building including the windows which are seen in the picture.
  • When these houses were built the view to the church across the fields and river was spectacular.


Edward VII 1901 – 1910 (House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha).

Wharf Building, Arun Cottages, Penfold House, Canal Villa 1909
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