Welcome to Historic Loxwood and over 775 years of History

Loxwood Village is located within West Sussex 25 miles from the Cathedral City of Chichester. The first record of settlers in the area was in 1248 during the reign of Henry III, in the age of the Knights Templars.

Our website illustrates how Loxwood Village developed from the earliest times along with its neighbouring villages through the key moments in world history, set against the Monarchical periods and the impact of social changes. The website also remembers the contributions and sacrifices made by villagers, who time has forgotten, that shaped the village of today.

Church Cottage and the Chapel of Ease depicted in c1447

See our map showing the points of interest around the village – click the links to read about the history and view the historic photos.

Travel back in history – read about how local villages were linked to Loxwood’s development and remember the key moments and people involved.

Church Cottage was constructed in 1404 as an Oratory with separate accommodation for a Curate – read the fascinating story of the evolution of the medieval site.

This website was inspired by the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II in 2022.
Loxwood has witnessed the succession of 33 Kings and Queens in its long history, and at the start of the reign of King Charles III, the history of Loxwood illustrates how the village developed during the reign of each monarch and the impact of the social changes at the time.

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